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Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is the therapeutic application of extremely cold temperatures to the body for about two to three minutes, ranging from -110°C to -196°C. Whole body Cryotherapy has been popularized over the past few years as a fitness trend, making it the topic of much examination. reSTART’s team of experts did some digging (articles referenced in PubMed, Frontiers, Research gate, Web of Science databases) and from our research.

Cryo treatment

❱❱ Reduces muscle soreness after intense workouts

❱❱ Reduces inflammation

❱❱ Minimizes the pain of arthritis and adhesive capsulitis

How does cryotherapy work?

Cryo, with technology by Cryosense, is administered in our humidity-controlled cryosauna. The extreme cooling effects come from liquid nitrogen. Exposure to such low temperatures will force your body into action. This triggers your body’s natural anti-inflammatory response, simultaneously decreasing the emission of pro-inflammatory signalling molecules. This essentially limits inflammation, leading to speedier recovery between workouts.

Is cryotherapy good for weight loss?

Here’s the thing, if you are already in tip-top shape health wise, cryotherapy might aid in weight loss. It helps burn calories but allow us to be the voice of reason and say that there’s nothing better for weight loss than a healthy diet and regular exercise.

When should I use cryotherapy?

Well, it depends! Exercise produces an inflammatory response that helps the body repair micro damage in muscles, bones and tendons. Hypertrophy (or muscle growing) workouts, such as bodybuilding or strength training, benefit from the body’s natural inflammatory response because it aids in the repair of muscle, bone and tendon damage, ultimately making the body more resilient to that kind of exercise. As a result, doing cryotherapy immediately after hypertrophy workouts would only serve to delay repair and recovery. Marathon runners, on the other hand, could greatly benefit from cryotherapy because their post-workout muscle and tendon damage is not as extreme, meaning muscle repair and recovery wouldn’t be impeded. Ultimately, if you’re not sure, seek out one of our Recovery Specialists.

What is it recommended for?

❱❱ Speeding up post-exercise recovery

❱❱ Active people and professional athletes

❱❱ People who suffer from arthritis or adhesive capsulitis

Notable cryotherapy users:

❱❱ Cristiano Ronaldo

Professional Football Player

❱❱ Will Smith

American Actor

❱❱ Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Professional Boxer

❱❱ Jennifer Aniston

American Actress

Interesting Fact

The treatment dates back to the days of the ancient Egyptians, who used it to treat ailments from injuries to inflammation.


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