What are the benefits of infrared sauna?

The popularity of saunas has led many to investigate the implications of this treatment. For one, sauna treatments are linked with muscle relief, lower blood pressure and improved recovery from strength training. The exposure to high temperatures causes heat stress, which essentially triggers the body to cool down and activate the mechanisms that help it adapt to heat exposure, improving cardiovascular function. Further studies have shown that frequent sauna goers are 50% less likely to have cardiovascular disease and 40% less likely to succumb to all causes of premature death, regardless of age and lifestyle factors – talk about a life saver! Sitting in a sauna triggers physiological responses in the body similar to exercising; this exponential increase in heart rate

, among other things, has led many researchers to propose saunas as alternatives to those who are unable to engage in rigorous physical activity, perhaps due to illness or disability.

How does IR Sauna work?

Our sauna has been manufactured by Sunlighten, using infrared lamps to generate heat. Using near-, mid- and far-infrared wavelengths, the lamps target the body instead of the surrounding air, heating your core body temperature (from 45° to 58°C) directly. The temperature increase is relatively low, which makes it a good alternative for those who don’t like the excessive heat of traditional saunas.


Heat-Shock Proteins (HSPs) largely contribute to proper muscle function. Not only do they help muscles cope during rigorous exercise, such as strength training, but they also aid in rebuilding processes. Sauna sessions after intense hypertrophy workouts promote the flow of HSPs to the muscles, which simultaneously aids in muscle growth as well as more efficient post exercise recovery.

What is it recommended for?

❱❱ Active people and professional athletes

❱❱ People who find traditional saunas uncomfortable

❱❱ Improving cardiovascular health

❱❱ Relieving muscle pain and soreness

❱❱ Boosting post-exercising recovery

Notable infrared sauna users:

❱❱ George Foreman

Former Heavyweight Boxing Champion

❱❱ Kim Kardashian

Media Personality and Businesswoman

❱❱ Taylor Swift

American Singer

Interesting Fact

In the sauna (and while exercising!) your body goes through heat stress, which increases your core body temperature. This encourages the activity of brain-derived neurotrophic factors (BDNF), which are proteins that promote the growth of new neurons.


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