What is Compression Therapy?

Our compression therapy uses cutting-edge recovery technology developed by NormaTec. The NormaTec Pulse is a type of fitness technology that digitizes the experience of compression therapy. The limbs are massaged through intermittent pulsing, aiding in relief after intense workouts by increasing blood circulation. It was developed back in 1998, by physician, bioengineer and founder of NormaTec, Dr. Laura F. Jacobs as a non-invasive method for treating circulatory system-related ailments. Today, it’s used by athletes all over the world for post-workout recovery.

How does Compression Therapy work?

The NormaTec Pulse utilizes air pressure to massage aching limbs and aid blood flow. The suit uses a patented massage patterns on the limbs that help relieve muscle soreness after intense workouts.  Compression therapy is a helpful recovery method for every athlete, novice to professional, and for good reason; it’s scientifically proven to be helpful for increasing blood flow. This could have multiple benefits on the body during recovery by decreasing muscle fatigue, clearing metabolites and lowering blood lactate levels.


NormaTec technology employs 3 key massage techniques


Enhances the movement of fluid through the limbs more effectively because it mimics the natural physical movement of the muscles


Our veins and lymphatic vessels are naturally one-way tubes, to prevent any backflow. This same system, digitized by NormaTec, uses pressure to prevent fluids from flowing in the wrong direction.

Distal Releases

Using static pressure on the limbs for too long can be bad for blood flow, which is why this technology uses sequential pulsing. This way the limbs get maximal time to rest between compression cycles.

Who is it recommended for?

❱❱ Active people and professional athletes

Notable Compression Therapy users:

❱❱ Lebron James

Professional Basketball Player

❱❱ Emily Seebohm

Australian Swimmer

❱❱ Mick Fanning

Professional Surfer

❱❱ Richard Thompson

2018 Ultraman World Champion

Interesting Fact

Google provides NormaTec compression suits for their employees!


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