reSTART your Recovery with a Sports Massage!

As an active person, you know the familiar sting and pains as a response of post-workout. Fatigue, tight muscles and exercise-induced injury may step in unexpected. These are common issues that all all active individuals face, all of which can be alleviated with the help of a professional sports massage here at reSTART Wellness and Rehabilitation Center.

There is a misconception that a sports massage is only for the top-tier athletes of the sporting world, and that amateur exercisers can not benefit from a professional massage session. A sports massage has been found to have great benefits for individuals of all skill level and can alleviate a wide variety of tensions, injuries and postural issues!

So why do you need a sports massage?

No matter your athletic or active level, as an active person it is vital to keep your body on top form to optimize and improve athletic performance, as well as maximize your fitness potential. Sports massage can help in many main areas of performance, and here is a quick explanation of why active individuals should not ignore the amazing benefits.

 A shift  in Lactic Acid

When performing any exercise, your body burns calories which causes lactic acid production. During a sports massage, your recovery specialist works to shift built-up lactic acid out of the muscles, accelerating the recovery process and helping to combat feelings of burning and fatigue.

 Correct Dysfunction

We are spending more of our daily lives seated and stationary than ever, whether it be hunched in front of our computer at the office or scrolling on our smartphones at home. Our bodies become stiff and tight following being in a lying and seated positions for prolonged periods. Sports massage helps to combat this by correcting the stiffness and dysfunction caused by 21st-century life, resetting the body to its optimum, healthy position and allowing you to reach your full health potential.

Deal with Injuries

Injuries are the worst nightmare for any active person. Injuries can put you out of action for days or even weeks and are a key factor in the loss of progress. That being said, reSTART takes pride in having one of the best injury prevention programs in Abu Dhabi. A Sports massage increasing circulation and stimulating natural tissue repair within the body, and sports simultaneously helps to prevent and heal injuries, significantly aiding your recovery. Schedule your appointment with Adjust                                                                                                        

So it is clear and easy. A sports massage can help to relieve injury, beat post-workout fatigue and assist you in reaching your full potential. Visit reSTART Wellness and Rehabilitation center or give us a CALL to speak to one of our expert recovery specialists. See how a SPORTS MASSAGE can help to boost your performance and get you back on track.