Transform your health and body shape by successfully losing weight and gaining muscle with your own individualized nutrition and training program.

Elite Fitness’ main objective is to provide their clients with a high level of service, support and guidance on their journey to becoming healthy through losing fat and gaining lean muscle.

Reform strives to ensure that you never leave unsatisfied. They aim to maximize your progress through efficient and tailored workout programs that enable you to meet your goals.

Reform offers a range of low intensity and high intensity trainings that guarantee your needs are met.

Energy Plus is a community-minded gym with a difference. They create a workout environment guaranteed to get you on the road to perfection.

Together, we can build a fitness regime which will help you smash your targets and achieve your goals.

There’s fit – and then there’s fighting fit. Cobra Fitness provides you with everything you need to transform both your physique and your outlook.

Cobra Fitness does not breed gym-bunnies, they create champions through our access to martial arts discipline, high-tech gym and weights areas and results-oriented fitness classes.

Primal Gym is an independent gym, martial arts studio and sports management company. They offer a customized and unique approach, unlike any other gym in Abu Dhabi.

Primal Gym aims to provide the best fitness equipment, fitness & martial arts instructors and intense mixed martial arts training in a clean, safe and relaxed environment, enabling you to achieve your health and fitness goals at a pace that is comfortable for you.

With programs for children and adults, there truly is something for everyone at Primal Gym!

Sweet Greens is a healthy restaurant that provides a nutritional background for all meals offered. 

They believe in living an environmentally sustainable life; wherever possible, they aim to reuse, reduce, and recycle.

They are constantly seeking innovative ways to deliver unique meals to their community whilst promoting conscious eating and a balanced diet.