How Important is Recovery to You?

Have you ever experienced post-workout soreness, or thought about how to prevent future injuries, or even improve your athletic performance? Then you should add a well-designed recovery plan to your physical fitness regime.

It was evident that to be physically fit your body needs to adapt to new routines and a new mindset. When an individual starts to take part in physical activities, the body needs time to adapt and most importantly, to recover. Recovery is of utmost importance to be able to allow your body to gain optimal health and fitness changes.

Our bodies go through so many changes by starting to actively engage in a fitness program. Changes like, Hormesis, Fatigue-Recovery factors, and metabolic reactions.

Thus, it is important to know that recovery after a workout helps with:

  • Boosting tissue regeneration
  • Decreasing fatigue
  • Increasing supercompensation
  • Enabling the use of heavy loads in training
  • Decreasing the frequency and number of injuries

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